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Blue Gem

The Blue Gem Tattooing

High-quality tattoos in Green Bay, WI

The Challenge

After a strategy session with Blue Gem owner Jonah Osgood, I was ready to sit down and start planning. After hearing Jonah’s goals and concerns for the website, I knew we had two primary challenges.

First getting viewers to artist portfolios and guiding them to the artist that best fits their needs. Second, getting people to a shop that new visitors often find difficult to locate. These elements would turn out to be the main focus and the cornerstones that the rest of the website was built on.

Web Design / Web Development / WordPress CMS / Responsive Web Design

Laying the Foundation

After we established the primary goals for the site, we addressed the content and pages that the site needed to contain. From here I designed how the content would flow and how a user would move through the site.

Crafting the Design

Based on the primary goals for the site, the hero section of the website was designed to highlight two routes, finding the studio and viewing their custom tattoo portfolios. This way viewers could either get directions, or new viewers can easily view portfolios as soon as they land on the site.

Being Hard to Find Has Its Advantages

Typical tattoo shops deal with walk-in traffic and people demanding quick tattoos simply traced and quickly tattooed on. Since The Blue Gem doesn’t deal with high volumes of walk-in traffic, their artists are able to dedicate more time to properly plan and execute each tattoo they create. This difference shows in the quality of art that they put out. I highlighted this difference to convince viewers of the level of thought and guidance that they offer to tattoo ideas.

Highlighting the Tattoo Artists

Obviously, this was a no-brainer but, I needed to put the focus on the tattoo artists and drive as much attention and views to them as possible. Each artist has their own style, so getting viewers to look through and carefully choose the right artist is important. To further enhance the experience, each artist can be contacted directly from their portfolio page. Viewers can find their artist and communicate their idea directly to them.

Guiding Clients to the Shop

One of the bigger concerns that Jonah addressed was that people find their studio hard to locate. I worked to ensure there were multiple ways that people could interact with maps and easily find directions on their website.

Project Summary

The Blue Gem’s new website displays their amazing portfolios and has driven up site views by 120%. After launching their new website, they have moved from page three to hovering around page one in search results. The result, their website now gains higher organic traffic and delivers new leads to the studio on a weekly basis.

” Justin went above and beyond, he traveled 100 miles to have a face to face consultation with me. He put together a website that fit our studio and really showcased what we are about. As an artist, we are not the easiest to work with as we have a vision of what we want Justin worked with us and we are extremely happy with the results. “

– Jonah Osgood
The Blue Gem Tattooing

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