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Endless Expansion

Endless Expansion Custom Tattooing

Private and Relaxing Custom Tattoo Shop

The Challenge

After my strategy session with owner Greg Counard, I couldn’t wait to get started planning and designing a website for Endless Expansion. The primary challenge was establishing a marketing and SEO plan for a brand new tattoo studio in an already crowded market. After talking to Greg and hearing his philosophy on tattoos and his process with clients I knew it was going to be a fairly easy task.

Greg has a very unique process and outlook on tattoos. He’s extremely conscientious about the tattoos that he creates for people. Everything he does is 100% custom and tailored to fit the body of the person who wears it. Very different from your average trace and ink tattoo shop.

Web Design / Web Development / WordPress CMS / Responsive Web Design / Copywriting / SEO

Laying the Foundation

There were a couple ideas for structuring the pages and content for this site. In the end, we went with the more simplified version to keep things easier to navigate.

Crafting the Design

After seeing the quality of art that Greg creates for his clients I knew I needed to create a design that would showcase his work effectively. I incorporated the artwork that Greg is most proud of and felt would best represent his abilities. The overall design focuses on showcasing his work and highlighting benefits of his services to viewers.

Letting His Clients Boast for Him

Everything that Greg had told me about his outlook, the way he treats his clients, to the way he plans and executes tattoos was reflected all over his client testimonials. I strategically placed testimonials to directly support messaging on his website, letting his clients back up everything he has to say.

Project Summary

Although it’s too early to tell what kind of results the site is truly going to achieve, leads already started coming in the first week after launch. With promotion and local SEO efforts, we expect to see an increase in traffic and high-quality leads.

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