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Express Recycling

Express Recycling

Family owned and operated recycling center in central WI

The Challenge

The primary challenge for this project was creating a modern and engaging website that provides useful recycling information to viewers. The website needed to address some commonly asked questions about the materials that Express is able to recycle. Their old website was not providing this information as well as it could, leading to a large volume of calls with repeat questions.

Web Design / Web Development / WordPress CMS / Responsive Web Design

Laying the Foundation

Knowing that people needed information about materials they could recycle drove the design choices for the entire project. I made sure to guide people to that information to make it clear and easy to find.

Crafting the Design

In order to provide the highest value out of the hero section, I wanted to include multiple routes a user could take to find information about the recycling services that Express provides. Between the main navigation and the sub navigation with three featured service boxes, users don’t even need to scroll anywhere to find services that they’re looking for.

Guiding Viewers To Locations Near Them

The other common question Express Recycling gets is about their locations. Having three locations is convenient but, it also seems to turn people around. Visitors never seem to find where they’re located, or they think it’s separate businesses altogether. The new website incorporates maps on multiple pages with all three locations to choose from. Plus a locations page that provides detailed information on each individual location. All working to guide website visitors into a location that’s most convenient to them.

Project Summary

Before starting this project I studied the analytics of their user traffic. Express was seeing bounce rates of over 80% with most users leaving on the home page. Users were not able to find valuable information that they needed.

Express Recycling now has a website that’s optimized for mobile. All customers can now access across all devices. After site launch, they have seen reduced bounce rate by 49%. Users are spending more time on their site and find what they are looking for.

” The service provided by Justin has been better than expected. I believe the Express Recycling Solutions Inc. website has been improved through the use of services provided at Planet9 Designs. Our website has been designed for both desktop and mobile responsiveness. I can also meet with Justin in person to discuss our needs or use video technologies to provide feedback for revisions. “

– Tim Zacher
Express Recycling

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