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Jakub Zytecki

Jakub Zytecki

Guitarist/Musician from Kraków, Poland

The Challenge

Jakub Zytecki is a musician/guitarist from Kraków, Poland. I’ve been a big fan of Jakub’s work since his mind-blowing release of Wishful Lotus Proof in 2015. One listen and you will hear the unhuman skills that will make a man put down his guitar and never play again.

Jakub is pioneering a new frontier in guitar. Breaking out from the boring, watered down mainstream. His quality of skill, combined with powerful and interesting tones creates a magic sound that’s unusual yet uplifting. Sound that makes you want to pull out your wallet to throw money down to buy.

After talking website strategy with Jakub, we agreed the primary focus should be to consolidate all the various music platforms that fans can buy or listen to his music. This makes it easy for a user to find where they can buy his music, and choose their favorite music source.

Web Design / Web Development / WordPress CMS / Responsive Web Design

Crafting The Design

When creating this design we wanted to focus on guiding viewers to the latest album release. I added a buy Ladderhead button right in the header and hero section to put more focus on guiding viewers to purchase the new album.

A photo of Jakub sitting on a rooftop after recording a music video for Lovetape was perfect for a hero background image. I chose this as the guitar points viewers directly to the menu and buy Ladderhead button in the header.

Color Palette

Overall we wanted to keep the design simple and that included the color palette. Jakub wanted white with some subtle colors but overall wanted clean and minimal. When researching color options, I started pulling colors out of the featherbed album artwork. After tweaking a few I landed on the light green which I’m calling featherbed green. This soft color suits his brand perfectly as his latest releases all feel light and airy.

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